People's Fair

"My favorite memory was the moment I realized I had my family’s full support in running my business.

My husband sold my handmade soap as if he made it himself. My step-daughter labeled products. My six year old son insisted on passing out business cards to potential customers.

In general we had a really good time at the People’s Fair. I also won the best in show for the handmade soap category!"

Latasha Bell, Owner


"I am very excited to find a product that doesn’t bother my eczema and allows for soft skin during the summer. Works great!!"

Laurie Grosselfinger

"I purchased soap from you during the 5 Points Jazz Festival last year. My husband and I really liked your product. It is a true skin cleanser leaving a refreshing feeling that it did what it was designed to do. Remove the oils, dead skin opening the pores to allow a fresh layer of moisturizing lotion after a shower or bath."

Theresa M. Holloway

"I found Ashae Soaps at a local 'People's Fair' several years ago, and just loved all the wonderful scents, and combinations of soaps they offered! I was sooo impressed with the soaps after using them, that I came back as requested more at Christmas time and have been a faithful follower/user ever since. I can't imagine not having Ashae Soaps in my home - at my fingertips!

The soaps are so great! The soaps are wonderful on my skin - I use 'em in the shower and at the sink - taking off make up - including eye makeup! I never feel a 'film', never harsh! Just wonderfully clean and fresh!

I keep a bar at every sink - even in the kitchen! I've even, in a pinch, used the soap while I was cleaning up the sink and dishes ~ I was tickled that everything was 'squeaky clean'!"

Nancy, Denver